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who we are


The Green Building Council of Moldova (MoldGBC) is the premier independent, non-profit, member-based organization committed to promote buildings, cities and communities that are healthy, livable, productive, resilient and sustainable. Established in 2019, the MoldGBC’s strategic plan is to become the nation’s authority on sustainable buildings, communities and cities. Our purpose is to lead the sustainable transformation of Moldova’s built environment. Together with universities, professional institutes, NGOs, local authorities, contractors, architects, engineers, energy companies, leading national and transnational companies we all are united in one common goal – to provide policy inputs for the national and local government and to accelerate the transformation of the built environment, related industry and supply chain to one that is sustainable through LEADERSHIP, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION.

Our mission

Moldova Green Building Council (MoldGBC) is aiming to implement sustainable practices in Moldova’s built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained, and operated.     

The construction and renovation of buildings use precious natural resources. Then, when in use, buildings are responsible for a significant proportion of all our carbon emissions. Poorly designed and constructed buildings use more energy, increasing the demand for energy production, and contributing to global warming. Green buildings are an integral part of the solutions to the climate challenges that are facing our planet.      

MoldGBC is a group of passionate and informed professionals, volunteers, and members, who aim to make Moldova a sustainable country. In our community,  everyone can learn the knowledge of living sustainably, as the building industry as  “usual” is no longer an option!

To achieve our mission we strive to :

Provide resources to companies that aim to transition of their activities towards more sustainable practices.
Create long-term value for society and improve the quality of life IN and OUT side the built environment.
Transform and improve policy creation in Moldova.
Eliminate waste and maximize resource efficiency.
Organize training and educational offerings in the green building environment.
Host events and campaigns that advocate for a better-built environment.
the educational programs by MoldGBC

         Professional development is available through our programs, workshops, online courses and online exams. We use ‘blended’ learning as our model to facilitate dynamic education that combines the physical and virtual classroom, allowing students to learn as individuals online in their own time and apply their learning to scenario-based problems when coming together with their peers. The educational programs are specifically designed to ensure a more efficient collaboration between different disciplines that is a critical factor in delivering successful green building projects. The provided courses will include both theory and practice from experts active domestically and internationally. Following the development of other construction markets and local increase of green building activity, the certification is expected to increase the marketability to the professional’s services provided. 

billion square metres of new construction are expected to be built by 2050
billion tones of CO2 emmisions per year from buildings - commercial and residential
billion USD total spending on energy-efficient products and services in buildings in 2016
quadrillion kilojoules energy consumed in 2016 by global buildings sector
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